Pocz & Pacheko “Muevelo” Video + Download

By 26 March, 2013

We missed this video when it dropped four months ago. More fool us, as this is an amazing rendering of “Muevelo” from Pocz & Pacheko’s Changa Letal EP of last year, featuring stunning animation, life-like images of Pocz, Pacheko and guest DJ Yirvin and seemingly no expenses spared (just watch the video if you don’t believe us!).

Pocz & Pacheko are two dance music producers whose recent work has incorporated the changa tuki sound of their native Venezuela. If you want to find out more about changa tuki either check out the documentary Who Wants Tuki? or read our two-part interview with Pocz & Pacheko (parts one and two).

You can download “Muevelo” for free from soundcloud.com/enchufada/pocz-pacheko-feat-dj-yirvin

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