Project to document Colombian music featuring Vincent Moon and Lulacruza is on the kickstarter trail

By 03 December, 2010

A possible upcoming project from French film-maker Vincent Moon and Colombian musical explorers Lulacruza aims to be “a travelling visual album that lies in between music and cinema.” Vincent Moon, a roaming film-maker whose credits include La Blogotheque, Take-Away Shows and work for REM among many other artists. He is currently exploring non-Western forms, which has led him to Brazil (where he is currently filming many of Brazil’s upcoming artists) and will then take him to Colombia, where he will meet up with Lulacruza for this video project. They describe the project as thus:

This project documents a series of travels through Colombia to explore its musical diversity. Exposing the different natural and ethnic regions in Colombia as we collaborate with local folkloric musicians; and making new music inspired by the music and sounds of each place and its people.

However, this film will not be made unless a Kickstarter project can raise the $12,000 needed to make it happen. This way of funding films and/or ideas seems to be gaining more and more interest, with this project being the first time Vincent Moon himself has used the platform. The one thing I am certain of is that if you are going to put your money into a Kickstarter project and want to be sure the result is interesting, entertaining, well-made, and any other superlatives I can’t think of right now, then this is the one you should go for.

Here is the video tempter:

Find the full details of the project and Kickstarter campaign here.

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