Soundway release compilation of classic Cartagena cumbia from Curro Fuentes

By 24 March, 2011

With every new Soundway Records release comes a new wave of great music to listen to. Cartagena! – subtitled Curro Fuentes & The Big Band Cumbia and Descarga Sound of Colombia 1962 – 1972 – is no different. Compiled by Roberto Gyemant with the help of Will ‘Quantic’ Holland and Miles Cleret, Cartagena! collects many songs from the career of Curro Fuentes, the youngest brother of the family responsible for the Discos Fuentes label.

Here’s a little more detail from the press release:

Cartagena! features 19 tracks and is presented on CD and double gatefold LP, designed by Lewis Heriz. Both CD and LP include detailed liner notes and offer insights from Will Holland’s interview with the late Curro Fuentes.

Here’s that interview between Will ‘Quantic’ Holland, Miles Cleret and Curro Fuentes:

And a chance to have a listen to a few of the tracks:

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1 Rosendo y su Banda – Me Voy Pa’La Costa
2 Puerto Rico y Su Combo – La Cumbia Del Pescador
3 Orquesta Sonora Curro – Patuleco
4 Rosendo Martínez y su Orquesta – El Alegron
5 Cantina y su Combo – Santa Marta Cumbia
6 Lucho Bermudez y su Orquesta Sabanera – Arroz Con Coco 7 Orlando Fortich y su Orquesta – Yolanda
8 Homero y su Combo Con Pacho Galan y la Sonora Curro – Oye Negra
9 Clodomiro Montes y el Super Combo Curro – Puerto Rico Zumbando
10 Los Seven Del Swing – Silencio
11 El Gran Romancito y El Super Combo Curro – Honolulu
12 Crecencio Camacho y El Super Combo Curro – Santana En Salsa
13 Clodomiro Montes y El Super Combo Curro – Traigo Salsa
14 Lalo Orozco y su Combo Sabroso – Salsa Sabrosa
15 Lucho Bermudez y su Orquesta – Fiesta De Negritos
16 Alex Acosta y su Orquesta – La Gozadera
17 Los Seven Del Swing – Celoso
18 Rufo Garrido y Su Banda – Viejos Tiempos
19 Alex Acosta y su Orquesta – Cumbia Del Monte

Vinyl Bonus track

20. Pipe Guarin y sus Sabaneros- El Corronchon-Chon

Cartagena! can be bought from Amazon and iTunes.

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