Venezuela’s Hip-Hop Revolution Needs You

By 19 March, 2012

There is little doubt that Venezuela is a politically-charged country, a country at war between it’s ideology and it’s reality. This has led many to speak up about the regime under Chavez, and one area that has consistently shown a progressive standpoint is the hip-hop scene in Caracas. It’s this scene that film-makers Jody McIntyre and Pablo Navarrete plan to document in Hip Hop Revolución, a new documentary focusing on the hip-hop collective that is giving the film it’s title. However, before the film hits our screen they need to finance it, which is where we come in…

The film’s makers are looking for $10,000 in order to finance the film. This amount will cover the cost of making the film as well as helping place it at festivals around the world. To do this they’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign where people can donate towards the film and receive a number of different rewards in exchange.

Here’s a description of the film from it’s makers:

Hip Hop Revolución is the story of a dynamic collective of Venezuelan musical revolutionaries. The film’s directors Jody McIntyre & Pablo Navarrete recently travelled to Venezuela, alongside UK-Iraqi rapper Lowkey to spend time with ‘Hip Hop Revolución’. They witnessed their inspiring grassroots work, visited one of their 31 hip hop schools, and attended their 8th anniversary concert, which Lowkey headlined. At its heart, this film will be about the power of community, music, and the spirit of rebellion. The film will also be a testament to what can be achieved when idealism is allied with hard work and mutual solidarity.

You can be a part of this exciting project by visiting

There will also be updates on the film at

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