Afrobeat from Brazil’s Bixiga 70

By 25 November, 2011

Excellent new release from Bixiga 70, a group of 10 musicians from Sao Paulo’s Traquitana studio/label in the Bixiga bairro. The group includes two saxes, one trombone, one trumpet, two percussionists, guitars, keyboards, bass and drums, and they make a sound that is most definitely afrobeat. What’s so good about the group, and this album – their debut – is just how strongly they understand the rhythms and power of afrobeat. Just listen to “Balboa da Silva” and it’s sheer funk brilliance.

It’ll be interesting to see how this influence of afrobeat continues to grow in Brazilian music. Céu has begun performing a Tony Allen song live, and “Sonhando” off Anelis Assumpção’s recent album had a strong afrobeat flavour. It’s definitely an influence that’s on the rise.

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