Algodón Egipcio releases debut album La Lucha Constante

By | 08 April, 2011

Venezuela’s Algodón Egipcio, aka Cheky from the great Jovenes y Sexys, released his debut album La Lucha Constante on March 22nd. The album is a dense work which will draw comparisons to Crystal Stilts, El Guincho, Panda Bear and the many artists who preceded those bands. We will shortly have a review of the album, but first, we just wanted to tell you about it’s release!

You can buy/download the album from:

Lefse Records
Algodón Egipcio @ Bandcamp

Here’s a couple of tracks off the album:

“El Dia Previo”

“El Ingenio Humano”

And here’s what the album looks like:

More info:

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