Thiago Kunz

Experimental Electro-Pop from Brazil’s Strobo

By 11 May, 2012

Today we thought we’d highlight some new music from Belém of electro-pop band Strobo. The band came into life in January 2011 when Léo Chermont and Arthur Kunz decided that they wanted to start a new musical project that could be both experimental and pop. Since then they have released three digital EPs 001, Bizarro Dance Club and Quando Se Perde A Inocência (the first two of which have now been collected in a CD simply entitled Strobo. The second of the EPs is of particular interest as the video for the title track (which is featured below) was produced, edited and released on the Internet in just 12 hours, which is quite an achievement!

Here is the notorious “12 hour” video for “Bizarro Dance Club”:

Here’s a brand new track from the band, which doesn’t appear to be on any release. This is called “Pop Guiana”:

You can listen to all of the band’s music for free at and find out more about the group at

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