Freak Folk and Bossa Nova from Chile’s Niño Silvestre

By 29 August, 2012

Canciones Para Ver en la Oscuridad is the first album from Chile’s Niño Silvestre. Released by the Aparecido collective, it’s a broad record that puts melody and warmth above all.

The sound varies from bossa nova (“Cometa Feliz”) to electro-folk (“Trote De Los Niñitos”) to Elliott Smith hushedvocals (“Eso Jamas”), while maybe even throwing a little Carpenters-esque pop in there too (“Estrella Fugaz”). Released earlier this year, Canciones Para Ver en la Oscuridad is an intriguing debut, and one for everyone who prefer their music on the soft and blissful side.

Canciones Para Ver en la Oscuridad is available from iTunes and

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