Pueblo Nuevo release new remix project celebrating El Sueno de la Casa Propia

By 19 April, 2011

Some of South America’s finest artists have stepped up to remix Historial de Caídas, the debut album of El Sueño de la Casa Propia. The original version received notoriety for its ability to combine pop and electronic aesthetics. Historial de Caídas Remixes carries on in much the same vein.

Appearing on the album are some of great South American electronic and electro-pop artists including Algodon Egipcio, deMentira, de Janeiros and Miopec. The original Historial de Caídas was only released in 2010 but already it has received cult status. This is largely down to its inventive approach, continually combining different approaches to electronic music, through sampling, programming, jamming and glitch-work, with an ear always on evolving songs without necessarily giving them the weight of structure.

Historial de Caídas was a remarkable album, and this remix project continues it’s work with some tremendous ideas.

All information regarding Historial de Caídas Remixes can be found on Pueblo Nuevo including a download link and notes in English.

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