Criolo’s Nó Na Orelha LP to be Released in the UK on June 25th

By 17 May, 2012

Criolo‘s Nó Na Orelha was our favourite album of 2011. When it was released in Brazil last April I personally got a bit excited, reflected in my review of the album, which included nuggets like these “Nó Na Orelha is a mindblowing album with far too many hooks and ideas to drift into obscurity. This really feels like the start of something special, possibly a point where the multiple cultures, religions, traditions and people of São Paulo find an album that represents them as a whole.” Now the album is getting a UK release, with Criolo coming to these shores too, meaning a lot of English people are about to find out just how great this man and his music really are.

If you are unaware of Criolo, he is a rapper from São Paulo (who got some attention in The Guardian earlier this year). Originally known as Criolo Doido, his last album Nó Na Orelha was a thing of beauty, managing to be everything a great album should be. Criolo’s conscience-strewn lyrics told of his own upbringing in a tough São Paulo favela, affecting his sometimes world-weary point-of-view. This allowed for a sense of rootedness that underlines all the great hip-hop (Public Enemy, N.W.A., etc.) Yet, at the same time it was an adventurous album, incorporating African styles, jazz and samba, with Criolo unafraid to croon if the moment called for it. With much Brazilian hip-hop previously sample-based, the fact that Criolo was using actual musicians (including São Paulo heavyweights such as Kiko Dinucci, Thiago França and Guizado) was another factor that made the album stand-out.

Since the release Criolo has performed numerous times in Brazil, as well as taking a brief stop in New York. His honest approach to interviews, connection to his roots and musical adventurousness are just some of the reasons why he is the most important artist in Brazil right now. Don’t miss this opportunity to see his UK debut, as well as snap up a copy of this essential album.

Criolo’s Nó Na Orelha will be released by Sterns Music on CD, LP and digitally on 25th June 2012.

Criolo will perform at the Back2Black Festival along with other Brazilian (and African) performers on Saturday 30th June. More details of the festival can be found here.

Here’s a couple of videos to get you in the mood:

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