Vincent Moon unveils Petites Planetes project with Tom Zé video

By 13 May, 2011

Today Vincent Moon launched his new video project, Petites Planetes, which will release video and audio from around the world. The first instalment features Tom Zé and Olof Arnalds. Over the next four weeks the label will release features on José Domingos, Peret, Zar and artists from Chile in the shape of Temporary Valparaiso.

Each release will feature videos done in Moon’s characteristic style, audio and photos, as well as texts on the artist. In the case of Tom Zé, both Moon himself and Lucas Santtana make comment about the artist and the Petites Planetes video representing him. Here is an extract from Santtana:

If you expect me to conclude this text with a definition of Tom Zé, you’d better forget it, or go back to Disneyland. Or else, do even better : listen to his albums Estudando o Samba, Nave Maria, Todos os Olhos, The Hips of Tradition, Defeito de Fabricação and Danç-Êh-Sá. Read the book he wrote, entitled Tropicaliste Lente Lutte. Ask yourselves why he invented musical instruments in the 70’s, way before the existence of sampling machines, or why he introduced bruitism in brazilian popular music. And why he used the same musical basis to create different tracks (an old Jamaican tradition).

Here is the video for Tom Zé:

If you would like to view the accompanying audio, texts, photos and video out-takes please go to Petites Planetes.

Petites Planetes, with the presence of Vincent Moon, will be in Europe this summer, namely in these places:
11th June – Hamburg
15th June – Paris

Vincent Moon has also been travelling Colombia over recent weeks with the Colombian group Lulacruza. You can read about their journey at Sounds and Colours here.

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