Frikstailers step out of the shadow of electro cumbia

By 05 September, 2010

It’s probably unfair to say that Frikstailers are now stepping out of the shadows of electro cumbia as they have always been following their own path. However, being on ZZK Records with electronic acts such as El Remolón and Chancha vía Circuito it is easy to jump to that conclusion. That was at least until now as the Frikstailers are releasing the Bicho de Luz EP on September 7th, a collection of songs which really puts some space between themselves and the other artists on the label. Opening track “Bicho de Luz” references Fourtet at his suavest, “Cumbiancha Mayo” swings like an instrumental Outkast out-take running into a computer game and “Dancehallete” is a slow-building groove that moves like nothing I’ve ever heard before.

Here is what ZZK Records say about the band:

The Frikstailers make unclassifiable dance tracks blending elements of dubstep, cumbia, dancehall, hip hop, house and plenty more.They reinterpret and reshape melody out of chopped vocal samples, they graft bells and claps with synth chords as counterpoint to drum and bass. Reconstructing international music moments and lining them up, the Frikstailers combine the best of vastly different corners of the music world in a unified spirit.Equal parts club banger and video game backing track, Frikstailer cuts are the haunting instrumental soundtrack to your mobile life.

Artist: Frikstailers
Title: Bicho de Luz EP
Label: ZZK Records
Release Date: September 7, 2010

The album will be available to buy from September 7th from JUNO

Frikstailers are also currently on tour. Check out the details HERE.

Listen to the EP in full:

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