Quick Guide to South American films at the London Film Festival

By 11 October, 2010

The 54th BFI London Film Festival is running from October 13th to 28th. There is a fine range of South American films to be shown. Here we wanted to give you a quick overview of when all the Latin American films are being shown so that you can adjust your diaries accordingly. Some of the highlights include Southern District, It’s Your Fault, Octubre and The Lips (we have an exclusive competition to win tickets to see The Lips HERE.)

Friday 15th October

The Lips (Argentina) – NFT2 – 4pm
Waste Land (Brazil) – Vue Screen 5 – 5.45pm

Saturday 16th October

The Lips (Argentina) – ICA1 – 1.30pm
Waste Land (Brazil) – Vue Screen 7 – 3pm
The Call (Italy/Argentina) – Vue Screen 6 – 6.15pm

Sunday 17th October

The Call (Italy/Argentina) – Vue Screen 3 – 3.30pm
The Lips (Argentina) – NFT2 – 6.15pm
The Peddler (Argentina) – NFT1 – 9pm

Tuesday 19th October

The Peddler (Argentina) – NFT1 – 4.15pm
Southern District (Bolivia) – Vue Screen 3 – 9pm

Wednesday 20th October

Southern District (Bolivia) – Vue Screen 3 – 1pm
The Call (Italy/Argentina) – David Lean Cinema, Croydon – 6.15pm
The Peddler (Argentina) – ICA1 – 6.45pm

Thursday 21st October

Patagonia (British) – Vue Screen 6 – 6pm
It’s Your Fault (Argentina) – NFT2 – 8.30pm

Friday 22nd October

Patagonia (British) – Vue Screen 5 – 12.15pm
It’s Your Fault (Argentina) – Ritzy Screen 2 – 4.30pm

Saturday 23rd October

Patagonia (British) – Ritzy Screen 2 – 1.30pm
Southern District (Bolivia) – Ritzy Screen 2 – 6.30pm

Sunday 24th October

Carancho (Argentina) – Vue Screen 6 – 5.45pm
What I Love the Most (Argentina) – NFT2 – 6.15pm
Octubre (Peru) – Vue Screen 3 – 9.15pm

Monday 25th October

Carancho (Argentina) – Vue Screen 5 – 2.45pm
Octubre (Peru) – Vue  Screen 3 – 3.15pm

Wednesday 27th October

David Gatten’s Journals and Remarks – Natural History Museum – 2.30pm
What I Love the Most (Argentina) – NFT3 – 4.15pm

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